Servicing Your Headlights

Headlights are one of the most important features on your car. They make it possible to see where you're going, both at night and in other challenging conditions. If you ever have trouble seeing at night, or your headlights seem to dim, it's important to see a technician. They can help determine what the underlying issue is.

Often, when a headlight burns out, the bulb just needs replacing. Typically, owners can do this themselves. It involves opening the casing and switching out the bulb. LED systems are less intuitive. They can require servicing by a technician.

Sometimes, the housing itself is dulled on the inside and needs cleaning. It's a good idea to have a technician handle this. Improper cleaning can weaken the housing and lead to cracks. If you have questions or concerns about your headlights, stop by our service center here at Witt Lincoln. We're always happy to troubleshoot problems for San Diego’s drivers.

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