The New Lincoln MKC Features Make This Vehicle Shine

For starters, the new Lincoln MKC has officially become a crossover vehicle. It is now known as a hatchback vehicle. This is great because the vehicle has more room for more people, and it can hold more weight. The vehicle has also been made to put forth more power and go faster.

The new Lincoln MKC is also equipped with an ultra-accurate navigation system that will be compatible with any smartphone on the market. The headlights on this vehicle are LED, so that means that last longer and shine brighter. Even better, there is an impact enhancement feature that will force the car to slow down if it gets too close to another vehicle.

You can take the new Lincoln MKC for a test drive when you come and visit Witt Lincoln. Where are located in the heart of San Diego, CA, and out professionals would love to tell you even more about this amazing vehicle.

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