Deciphering the Tire Information

Since the tires keep the vehicle moving on the road, it's important to know a little about the sizes that are available and how to read them. Each car has a different size rim and tire that can be used. Sometimes, you can change the rims and the tires for better handling or a better appearance.

The first letter that you see will often be a "P." This lets you know that it's for a passenger vehicle. The next set of three numbers will tell you the width from one sidewall to the other one. When you look at the third set of numbers, you'll see two listed. These let you know the ratio of the width to the height of the sidewall.

Visit the service center here at Witt Lincoln to discuss the size of the tire that is best for your vehicle. When visiting the location in San Diego, you can also find out what size tire is too large or too small for your car.

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