When The Temperatures Rise, Keep The Engine In Your Lincoln Car From Overheating

When you own a Lincoln Navigator or Lincoln MKZ, it is important that you do all you can to ensure proper function at all times. Once the weather begins to heat up, you need to make sure that your engine is not in danger of overheating. You can look at the engine as the brain for your Lincoln car, so keeping it at the right temperature is crucial. Our professional Lincoln service technicians at Witt Lincoln can be there to run diagnostics and make sure that your engine is in optimum working condition.

The Potential For Overheating

There can be a time when the engine in your Lincoln car may overheat before you even realize there is an issue. Exercising the right prevention protocols can keep this from happening, including keeping an eye on your temperature gauge as well as the coolant levels. Our technicians can also look at your belts and hoses to make sure that there is no damage. 

Our Lincoln Service Center

You can count on all of the professional Lincoln maintenance that we offer in our state-of-the-art service center at Witt Lincoln. We have a full selection of equipment and trained technicians to keep your engine from overheating. In addition to coolant checks and tune-ups, we also offer radiator flushing services to keep everything working as it should be. All you have to do is call the service center at (877) 854-4079 to set up a convenient appointment time.

Witt Lincoln is located at 588 Camino Del Rio North in sunny San Diego, CA. You can trust us to make sure that your vehicle is always in wonderful condition and ready to go for all of your warm weather driving. To learn more about current inventory, call the sales team today at (877) 937-3301.
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