A Malfunctioning Solenoid Can Keep Your Car from Starting

Most of the time when your vehicle won't start your first instinct will be to assume that the battery is dead or the alternator may need to be replaced. But there is much more to starting your car than simply the source of electricity to do it with. Your ignition system is made up of a variety of different parts that can all go bad for different reasons.

The ignition solenoid is a vehicle part that helps transmit the electricity from car's battery to the starter itself. If the solenoid is not functioning properly it can appear like your car is simply out of battery, but that is not the case when the solenoid has gone bad. You can test this by either checking the battery or trying to jump the vehicle if the battery is good or a jump is applied and it still won't start a bad solenoid could be the culprit.

If you aren't confident in your abilities to test it yourself, or simply want the opinion of an expert, bring your vehicle into our service center at Witt Lincoln in San Diego, CA and we will help you diagnose and fix whatever the problem may be.

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